Re: An interesting essay for evangelicals

Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 18:33:45 EST

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    > However, if the statement is correct, that does that say that my friends
    > who, after they found out that they could not have children, adopted one
    > little girl taken from her family for abuse - and then took her sister as
    > well to keep the girls together - have no purpose in life since as a couple

    If your friends could not have children, that's God's will isn't it? I didn't
    say that people who don't reproduce have no purpose. I said that as
    homosexual behavior becomes preferred in a population to heterosexual
    behavior, the population drops. Haven't you noticed?

    There is no scientific proof that homosexuality is innate. NONE. If you can
    find some, please present it. I would like to present it to a few of my
    colleagues in the Human Behavior and Evolution Society. They're scientists.
    They don't care about defending Christianity and they don't know of any. I've
    asked because it is a salient point, but you can't make the point until
    there's proof.


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