Re: Reproduction from homosexuality...

Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 18:26:29 EST

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    > Rich
    > I f I can put it tactfully, you need to read theBible with more care and
    > respect as it is God's Word.I am very disturbed at what you write as it is
    > a travesty of the Bible. I can think of no principles of biblical
    > interpretation from Fundamentalist to Liberal which would justify your
    > comments. Please do not misuse the Bible
    > Michael

    You have to state your position. I am deeply disturbed that you would cast
    aspersions on anything I have written without explaining your rational
    You appeal to tact. You are disturbed. What I write is a travesty but you
    don't allude to what I write. You can think of no principles to justify my
    comments but you don't elaborate so no discussion is possible. I thought only
    Catholics were supposed to pontificate?
    I think you have a reposnsibility to be more specific and make less
    I am sorry if you are offended but I can't tell why. You do not provide data.

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