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    >>I have a copy of this book (back in storage in Houston) and what is in it
    surprises me that AiG ever sold it.>>

    AIG's review says they explicitly would NOT sell it.


    John W. Burgeson (Burgy)

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    > >I have to give AIG credit. Unleashing the Storm is a recently released
    > >"coffee table" book by Peterson which defends the YEC views.
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    > >AIG just published a devastating critical review of this book at
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    > >The critique sounds like it might have come from the pages of
    >I have a copy of this book (back in storage in Houston) and what is in it
    >surprises me that AiG ever sold it. The version I have has Peterson
    >claiming that Buddhist monks could levitate rocks!
    >"An Amazing Report from Tibet"
    > "In a recently published book by authors, Playfair and Hill,
    >The Cycles of Heaven included an incredible report from the Asian
    >country of Tibet. A Swedish aircraft engineer named Henry Kjellson
    >is reported to have witnessed an awesome ceremony conducted by
    >Tibetan priests. At the base of a sheer rock cliff in the
    >mountains, scores of men had gathered to take their parts in the
    >dramatic scene. Groups of them were carefully arranged in a
    >semi-circle, equipped with large suspended drums and others with
    >special trumpets."
    > "As the ceremony proceeded the drum beats and trumpet blasts
    >were directed at the center of the semi-circle in front of the
    >cliff. A four foot block of rock was positioned there. The
    >corporate noise of the assembled instruments must have been
    >deafening. But after a while the heavy chunk of rock (weighing
    >several tons) was seen ascending in the air straight up to the top
    >of the cliff."
    > "We tend to think of a report like that as being either
    >spiritualistic or false. It just sounds too bizarre to be
    >explainable by natural laws.
    > "But notice a report from the popular Omni magazine in
    >November of 1980. According to the report, NASA scientists have
    >succeeded in using sound waves to levitate pellets of glass or
    > "Could there be realms of technology whcih we have yet to
    >re-discover? Do you remember Solomon's words? 'There is no
    >remembrance of former things. There is nothing new under the sun.
    > It has already been in ancient times before us." ~ Dennis R.
    >Peterson, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, (South
    >Lake Tahoe: Creation Resource Foundation, 1990), p. 195
    >Wanna build a building? Call your high school marching band!
    >"The Gargantuan Stones of Tiahuanaco"
    > "High in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, are the stark and
    >mysterious ruins of Tiahuanaco. This obscure desolation sits at an
    >altitude of 13,000 feet. It seems impossible that an inhabited
    >city like this could be positioned where the air is so thin. Yet
    >this mysterious city may help us to better appreciate the abilities
    >of the ancients.
    > "Almost nothing is known about the history of this place. Who
    >lived there? When did it flourish? How far did its empire extend?
    > "In the book, The World's last Mysteries, by Readers Digest,
    >the lead headline reads: "When the winds of the Andes howl through
    >Tiahuanaco's deserted buildings, it is easy to believe in the
    >Indian legend that the city was built by a race of giants."
    > "At Tiahuanaco there are massive stone stairways that defy
    >simple explanation; they seem to have been built especially to
    >accommodate a race of large people.
    > "There are sections of gigantic stone stairways that defy
    >simple explanation; they seem to have been built specially to
    >accommodate a race of large people.
    > "There are sections of gigantic stone walls that have been
    >hurled to the ground by what must have been a spectacular
    >earthquake. Wall sections more than a foot thick and 16 by 26 feet
    >in size, have been strewn around like so many toy blocks."
    > "The enormous 'Gateway to the Sun' is hewn from a single rock
    >and weighs as much as 10 tons. Other single cut stones here weigh
    >up to 100 tons! Like the other volcanic building stones of this
    >center, it was moved from a quarry at least 60 miles away across
    >rough terrain without wheels and roads! How did they do it?
    > "A Jesuit priest who had apparently interviewed native people
    >of the area in the days of the Spanish conquistadores wrote this
    >amazing account: 'the great stones one sees at Tiahuanaco were
    >carried through the air to the sound of a trumpet.'
    > "That may sound far-fetched in terms of our experience, but
    >does that mean such a technique is absolutely impossible? The
    >writer of this article in the previously mentioned book must think
    >so. He discounts the priest's early report by writing: 'There must
    >have been people even then who were not satisfied with an
    >explanation that invoked the use of magic.'" Think! A hundred years
    >ago, if you tried to explain to a person living then how a Boeing
    >747 takes off from the runway you might also be accused of
    >hallucinating or dabbling in witchcraft."
    > Is there a reasonable explanation?" ~ Dennis R. Peterson, Unlocking
    >the Mysteries of Creation, (South Lake Tahoe: Creation Resource
    >Foundation, 1990), p. 193
    >I met this rather bizarre fellow when he came to my kid's Christian school
    >for a talk on evolution and the Bible. The school was a very prominent
    >conservative (and expensive) private Christian school in Dallas. When we
    >left Dallas for a year and a half and then moved back, we didn't send our
    >kids back there. I enrolled them in public schools to get them a good
    >Petersen has some other bizarre ideas:
    >"There are a number of indicators both from the Bible and from the
    >physical findings of ancient cultures that rock crystals were used
    >to communicate through the air. Though this idea may seem to be
    >granting too much knowledge to early man, we must be honest enough
    >to continue exploring for verifications of Solomon's statement in
    >Ecclesiastes chapter one." ~ Dennis R. Peterson, Unlocking the
    >Mysteries of Creation, (South Lake Tahoe: Creation Resource
    >Foundation, 1990), p. 199
    >for lots of creation/evolution information
    >personal stories of struggle
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