Re: Global warming -- is it for real?

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Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 - 15:32:35 EST

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    Thes week New Scientist has a comment and analysis by Fred Pearce, entitled,
    "Call off the Witch-Hunt, New Scienctist Jan 18, 2003, p. 23 Pearce had
    inteviewed Lomberg when the book came out. The piece ends with this

    "Lomborg struck me as an eager and honest researcher working ouside his
    field and out of his depth. But science is an adversarial a process as the
    law. Without repeated challenge, even flwed or naive ones, evidence and
    theories go stale. Science needs its dissidents and mavericks, and should
    be wary of resorting to these draconian Star Chamber tactics to silence
            "Lomborg is by no means a towering intellect or authority, But 'undermining
    publich understanding' and 'perverting the scientific message' are nasty
    catch-all charges that should have no place in a sicentific court. The
    conviction by this Danis panel is unfair and bad for science. It is also bad
    for the environmentalists who have so applauded it. Lomborg will now be
    characgerised as the victim of a green witch-hunt. I fear that his accusers
    have been guilty of just that."


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