Re: Global warming -- is it for real?

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Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 04:50:57 EST

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    | Apologies for following up on my own posting, but I found Lomborg's
    | page
    | <>
    | which contains pointers to the decision by The Danish Committees on
    | Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD)
    | <>

    Here is a quote from the decision showing that there is nothing new
    compared to the Sci Am discussion.

              DCSD did consider whether a better basis for evaluating the
              cases under review would be obtained by itself forming ad hoc
              committees with accredited experts in the respective
              fields. A number of members voiced the view that sourcing new
              expert evaluations might possibly create scope to establish
              whether the defendant has not only-as the experts at
              Scientific American claim-used selective data, but whether he
              has done so wilfully in order to delude the public, and hence
              enable DCSD to ascertain the presence or absence of the
              subjective conditions required to uphold scientific

              DCSD, however, has reached the conclusion that new experts
              would scarcely be able to add new dimensions to the case. In
              this process of deliberation, a crucial role has also been
              played by the fact that even on the existing basis there is
              agreement at DCSD in adjudging the defendant's conduct to be
              contrary to good scientific practice, as expressed below.


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