Re: Global warming -- is it for real?

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Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 04:09:07 EST

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    | Burgy-
    | For what it's worth, the Jan. 7 Washington Post reported that the Danish
    | Research Agency (the equivalent of our National Academy of Science) had
    | denounced Lomborg for "scientific dishonesty".
    | See
    | Karl
    | *******************
    | Karl V. Evans

    The "verdict" is here (in Danish):

    The UVVU is not the equivalent of the National Academy of Science,
    though; it is a rather small government appointed committee for
    investigating allegations of scientific dishonesty. After reading the
    piece I'm no wiser than before, the whole verdict seems to be based
    almost exclusively on the Sci Am treatment of Lomborg's book. In
    particular, no examples of dishonesty or misrepresentations were


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