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    > Homosexuality does run contrary to the design of humanity as male and=20
    > female in Genesis 1-2. However, reproduction is not mentioned until=20
    > chapter 3; companionship is the reason given in chapter 2.
    > =20

    Yes, but can't you make an inference? The absolute basis of Abraham's=20
    covenant with God was the avoidance of infanticide (sacrificing to moloch)=20
    which decreased births. I suggest that is why anything that decreased births=
    in the view of the patriarchs was morally wrong.=20

    If you read Herodotus, the character of ancient war was genetic. when you=20
    lost, your finest males were castrated or murdered and your finest females=20
    were put in concubinage. The effect of such policies is to decrease quantity=
    and quality births in the conquered.

    forgive the =3D20s. I copied and pasted from Word:

    In the Book of Genesis, at the very beginning of the Hebrew Bible, God=20
    commands Abraham to ritually slaughter his son. Only when God is satisfied=20
    with Abraham=E2=80=99s complete submission does he release Abraham from this=
    demand. He then promises Abraham that his descendants will be greatly=20
    multiplied until they are =E2=80=9Cas numerous as the stars in the sky and t=
    he grains=20
    of sand on the seashore,=E2=80=9D and God tells Abraham they =E2=80=9Cshall=20=
    possess the=20
    cities of their enemies.=E2=80=9D 3 Central to God's covenant with Abraham i=
    s this=20
    fact that Abraham and his descendants will no longer practice infanticide.Th=
    effect on Jewish history is dramatic because a prolific population is=20
    necessarily expansionist. When Abraham first arrives in the Philistine town=20
    of Gerar, Abimelach its king welcomes him but years later Abraham=E2=80=99s=20=
    Isaac, now a grown man with children of his own, is no longer welcome in=20
    Gerar. Why the reversal? Abraham=E2=80=99s descendants are greatly multiplyi=
    ng. The=20
    Bible tells us =E2=80=9CIsaac sowed seed in that land, and that year he reap=
    ed a=20
    hundredfold.=E2=80=9D 4 Isaac=E2=80=99s household has grown so rapidly (and=20=
    seized so many local niches from the indigenous people) the displaced and=20
    alarmed Philistines envy him. 4-500 years later, the reproductive success of=
    the Jewish people causes conflict with the Egyptians who notice that, =E2=
    Israelites are fruitful and prolific; they increase in numbers and become=20
    very powerful, so that the country is overrun by them.=E2=80=9D 5 The king o=
    f Egypt=20
    tries and fails to convince Hebrew midwives to commit infanticide and the=20
    Hebrew =E2=80=9Cpeople increase in numbers and in strength.=E2=80=9D 6 =E2=
    =80=9CFor Eusebius, an=20
    early Christian writer, =E2=80=98Judaism had strong racial and ethnic overto=
    nes and=20
    erroneously interpreted its sacred writings as mandating reproductive=20
    success.=E2=80=99=E2=80=9D 7 Today, =E2=80=9C...Religious parties make up ab=
    out 25% of the Israeli=20
    electorate (Shahak & Mezvinsky1999,8) - a percentage that is sure to increas=
    because of their high fertility.=E2=80=9D 8


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