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From: Peter Ruest (
Date: Mon Jan 13 2003 - 00:53:55 EST

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    > I noticed that when I receive my own posts they have what appear to be
    > carriage returns surrounding the text (=20). I cannot see them in the
    > outgoing e-mail but I believe they occur whenever I copy and paste from MS
    > Word into an e-mail. I don't know why but am sorry for the confusion the
    > characters cause.
    > rich

    I routinely copy and paste from MS Word into the outgoing e-mail,
    without producing the confusing character translations. Please check
    your browser settings.

    I use the Netscape Communicator, where you can "Edit" the "Preferences":
    "Mail & Newsgroups - Messages - Send messages that use 8-bit
    I activated "Using the 'quoted printable' MIME encoding";
    "Mail & Newsgroups - Formatting - Message formatting",
    I activated "Use the plain text editor to compose messages";
    "Mail & Newsgroups - Formatting - When sending HTML messages...",
    I activated "Convert the messages into plain text".
    Maybe any of these settings help.

    But I assume Terry Gray may give you more precise (possibly more
    correct) indications.


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