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From: John Burgeson (burgythree@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Jan 09 2003 - 21:33:28 EST

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    Have you seen / read the book by David Keys CATASTROPHE?

    This book sets forth the thesis that a volcanic eruption somewhere in the
    South Pacific, possibly Indonesia, in 535 C.E. was a primary cause in the
    abrupt changes that happened to civilization in Western europe (and other
    places) due to sun obscuration, ash deposits, etc. etc.

    A fairly extensive Google search (OK -- I went 4 pages deep) does not turn
    up any geologist commenting on the author's thesis. I'm auditing a class at
    Iliff on midieval civilization right now -- the prof mentioned it as an
    interesting idea, too new to have scholarly input pro or con. He cited some
    midieval (I KNOW I'm spelling that incorrectly) texts which spoke of
    widespread ash deposits in Europe and accounts of the sun darkening, etc.
    but left it at that if any of the students wanted to follow up on it.

    I've ordered the book -- am I wasting my money on something akin to

    John W. Burgeson (Burgy)

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