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    The overall issue has been discussed before, and I do not know that
    another discussion will progress, but a few statements in Burgy's
    post (enclosed by ><) seemed ambiguous:

    >the OT references to male homosexual activity are about as binding
    >today as similar OT admonitions against eating pork<

    I presume that you mean the laws prohibiting male homosexual
    activity, as opposed to the OT references to intended homosexual rape
    (including at Sodom) or homosexual prostitution, which I presume you
    would classify under forbidden perversion.

    Unlike the food laws or the regulations on ritual cleanliness, the
    law against homosexual intercourse is neither explicitly abrogated in
    the NT nor of any ceremonial function that is evident to me.

    >the Sodom story is quite irrelevant to the issue.<

    The claim that the men of Sodom were not intending homosexual rape is
    highly implausible. Asserting that the Sodom story does not directly
    address the issue of consensual homosexual relationships is much more

    >But still today, good Christian people demonize others on the
    >grounds of their inborn sexual orientation, orientations they did
    >not choose.<

    Several environmental influences, not all of which are under the
    control of the individual, as well as genetic influences, can
    contribute to a predisposition to homosexual orientation. On the
    other hand, individuals are relatively free to choose how they
    respond to this inclination.

    The fact that many influences outside the control of the individual
    play a role tells us nothing about whether it is morally acceptible
    or not. We have an innate tendency to sin, yet this is a bad thing.
    As we all have this tendency, stigmatizing those who are particularly
    tempted by a particular sin (especially one that happens not to
    appeal to us) is wrong. On the other hand, endorsing sinful behavior
    is also wrong.

    Homosexuality does run contrary to the design of humanity as male and
    female in Genesis 1-2. However, reproduction is not mentioned until
    chapter 3; companionship is the reason given in chapter 2.

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