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    > The one place Dr. Spong and I agree upon (there may be others) is on the=20
    > topic of homosexuality. We agree that it is not mentioned in scripture. We=
    > agree that the OT references to male homosexual activity are about as=20
    > binding today as similar OT admonitions against eating pork -- or the=20
    > admonition against embracing your wife for the first two weeks after=20
    > childbirth. We also agree, as do others on this list, that the Sodom story=
    > is quite irrelevant to the issue.

    I disagree with you and Dr. Spong.
    Tripartition - tripartition - tripartition:
    Tripartition is the social organization of Judaism and Zoroastrianism and=20
    Hinduism. Society is separated by FUNCTION. It is a result of the conquest=20
    of landed states by the nomadic Indo-Aryans of the Rg Veda. There is a=20
    priestly class, a warrior class and subjugated herder/cultivators or a=20
    fertility class that sustains the other two. The priestly caste and the=20
    warrior caste are always at odds due to the structure, but because they have=
    different functions they have different strengths and weaknesses. Today,=20
    orthodox Jewry has the priestly function in Judaism. They abhor=20
    homosexuality, women are chattel, and they have the highest birth rates and=20
    the highest mean IQs in the world. ALL PRESENT DAY JEWS ARE DESCENDED FROM=20
    THEM including reform and conservative Jews who though not belonging to the=20
    orthodox communities are genetically related to them and philanthropically=20
    support them.

    In a History of the Jews Paul Johnson wrote, =E2=80=9C=E2=80=A6Jewish societ=
    y had been=20
    designed to produce intellectuals=E2=80=A6 Jewish society was geared to supp=
    them... rich merchants married sages' daughters=E2=80=A6quite suddenly, arou=
    nd the=20
    year 1800, this ancient and highly efficient social machine for the=20
    production of intellectuals began to shift its output. Instead of pouring al=
    its products into the closed circuit of rabbinical studies... it unleashed a=
    significant and ever growing proportion of them into secular life. This was=20
    an event of shattering importance in world history.=E2=80=9D

    You see, Judaism had abandoned the warrior class in diaspora but it has=20
    reemerged since the enlightenment when Jews were given the same rights as=20
    everyone else and freed from the ghettos (where they usually chose to live).

    Jewish orthodox communities were saved from the collapse of the Ottoman=20
    empire by the (warrior) rothschilds and just before the famine in the Ukrain=
    perpetrated by Stalin in the 1930s, most of the Jewish orthodox communities=20
    emigrated with the help of (warriors) international Jewry. I mention these=20
    facts to demonstrate that Jewry is more monolithic than it is said to be. Th=
    monolith is organized by function in this ancient structure called=20

    What does this have to do with the homosexuality that has been unnaturally=20
    jammed down our throats for the last 40 years? Most of the jamming is being=20
    done by Jewish secular warriors. They are turning us away from God's law=20
    while they maintain orthodox breeding communities to perpetuate their race.=20
    Homosexuals don't breed. Birth control lowers our birth rates. Abortion=20
    lowers our birth rates. Feminism breaks up our families. Immigration=20
    balkanizes homogenous societies.

    Now, look at all the leaders in those initiatives and tell me what you see.=20
    Look at all the hawks in the US government, the neoconservatives, tell me=20
    what you see.

    I demonstrated outside the Manhattan Theatre club in NYC against the play=20
    where the Last Supper was a food fight and Jesus was a homosexual. Do you=20
    know who ran the counter demonstration surrounded by homosexuals and carryin=
    the flag upside down? Norman Lear.

    I prayed the rosary outside the Brooklyn Museum when Ed Saatchi, the rich=20
    english Jew financed and displayed a painting of the virgin mary in dung. He=
    also financed a synagogue in London. Blasphemes Christianity. Celebrates=20

    Open your eyes. While Judaism maintains tripartition with separate breeding=20
    communities segregrated from the rest of society, the international media ca=
    destroy any culture/religion it chooses. Jewish=20
    religion/culture/hegemony/birth rates/IQ will not be affected! The priestly=20
    caste maintains the population and the IQ. The secular warriors champion=20
    godless behaviors that they spoon feed to outgroups (like Christian groups)=20
    that are decimated by those practices.=20

    It's all in the NT.

    Christian churches are at risk, we do not have dedicated breeding communitie=
    segregated from the rest of society from which we are descended and upon who=
    we can depend to maintain God's Law and keep the population at replacement=20
    levels. We are not separated by FUNCTION. We might have maintained our=20
    population, but after birth control and Roe v. Wade and all the 'bs' about=20
    population control, our population dropped. So, what happened then? Our=20
    sacred pillars were cut down and the borders flung open to our replacements.=

    God despises sacred pillars anywhere but in the temple at Jerusalem. Sacred=20
    pillars or kudurrus were customarily used as border stones in the ancient=20
    Near East with copies kept in local temples and copies at the borders of a=20
    tribe's territory. When you conquered a people you threw down their sacred=20
    pillars because their covenants were no longer any good. Our sacred pillars=20
    have been thrown down. We no longer have our boundary stones.=20

    It's new. You're shocked. You're aghast. So was I. =20

    Of course, you can call me an anti-Semite - or you can ask for references -=20=
    got 'em.

    OT religion is always about reproduction. Abraham did away with abortion.=20
    Jacob wanted the smarter Rachel as first wife.=20
    Translation: Abraham's covenant =3D quantity births - Jacob's covenant =3D=20
    quality births =20

    I've got nothing against homosexuals but I know why religion doesn't prefer=20
    them. They don't create new life. That's what patriarchs do. God's purpose=20
    for life was to live and for life to continue. When you abandon God's=20
    purpose, you don't live. Your population actually dwindles and is threatened=
    with extinction. =20

    I hear you when you say others on the list agree with you. The damage is=20
    incredible isn't it?=20


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