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Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 07:36:09 EST

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    > Blake, there was no Adam and Eve, no original sin, and thus
    > no need for a savior. Christianity seems to have largely
    > evolved into a social network, where it is still functioning
    > (talking first world, here).

    There was an allegorical Adam and an Eve. Original sin is their reflective
    self consciousness (their knowledge of good and evil). The return to
    instinctive Godly behavior from reflective self consciousness is the return
    to God. The return to God from the taint of original sin (which is the
    ability to consciously choose evil rather than doing God's will
    instinctively) is to learn perfect behavior and make it intuitive, which if
    you think about it, is what Jesus did. He was learned and we must assume he
    never sinned as the Son of God, then for Jesus indeed, learned behavior was
    intuitive and that was the condition of Adam and Eve before the fall.
    Christianity, like Judaism and Zoroastrianism before it, is at its core a
    family reproductive strategy, ensuring continuity in a world of reproductive
    agonistics which is still continuing.

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