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    Dick wrote:

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    >In weighing data, Glenn, we need to use our God-given good judgment
    >and be consistent. Which makes better sense, that females left their
    >tribes looking for love? Name one human tribe anywhere where this is
    >a practice. Taking the women captive after killing off the males is
    >a time-honored human tradition. Instead of just reacting, try
    >thinking. Use your good sense. You may not be a YEC anymore, but
    >you still think like one sometimes.

    Dick, it does get a bit wearisome doing your homework for you, especially
    when you don't listen.

    Patrilocal tribes:

    The Dogon

    "Paulme (1940: 246) simply says that marital residence is patrilocal in the
    village of the man's father, often within the same village quarter. "


    The Maidu are a part of the Penutian Language Family.
    No formal marriage among the Maidu, the couple just
    starts living together. It is a patrilocal residency.

    Some tribes begin matrilocal but end up patrilocal:
    "Winnebago parents arrange the marriage and a gift exchange follows.
    Residence is matrilocal at first, later patrilocal. The Prairie Potawatomi
    marriage procedure is similar, but includes the undressing and redressing of
    both the bride and groom by members of the affinaL families of each.30"

    "Races in India - ... In almost all cases, the society is patrilocal (and
    patriarchal), "

    "However, there are cultural features common to the individual Bhil groups
    such as patrilineal and patrilocal kinship structure, bride price, clan,
    village and territorial exogamy (though cross-cousin marriage is preferred),
    divorce, and widow remarriage (Naik, 1956;Campbell, 1988"

    "Nonelite Native people of coastal Virginia were patrilocal- ..."

    On Taiwan
    "The Atayal kinship system is ambilineal, with a tendency for nuclear
    families preferring patrilocal residence. All three Atayal branches, the
    Segoleg, Tseole, and Sedeg, have patriarchal social systems.

    and also on taiwan
    "The Yami live in nuclear families and tend towards patrilocality. "

    Now, before you go find a matrilocal clan and say it aint so, remember, you
    said 'name one human tribe where this is a practice' I have named many.
    There were matrilocal tribes but they are in the minority. Patrilocality was
    the rule among most hunter-gatherers.

    Now, Dick, I would suggest that it is you who are acting like the YEC. You
    didn't like the data so you doubt and reject the data before your very eyes.


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