Re: Does the Bible teach a flat earth?

From: Michael Roberts (
Date: Mon Jan 06 2003 - 09:46:18 EST

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       All that I'll say is that you don't seem aware of skeptic thought.
    > Thanks for your response :-)
    > Jim

    I think you are right I better add to what I have already read;
    Bertrand Russell, Dawkins, Steve Jones (and advised on a TV programme of
    his) B Halstead, Flew, Ayer, Mayr, Ruse, Schermer, Huxleys, Darwin (books
    and notebooks - published some transcriptions), Paine, Strauss, Renan
    ,Ludemann, Ellergard. Wells, voltaire, Hume, Hutton, Rousseau, Maupertius,
    Toulmin, Camus, satre, Eliot, FW Newman, Wilson, Medawar, Draper,White,
    And a few others


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