Re: Does the Bible teach a flat earth?

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sun Jan 05 2003 - 13:11:54 EST

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    Well, that certainly was a JUICY reply ;-)

    >Well that creates a problem.

    Or at least something to talk about.

    >We must dismiss all classical writers eg Plato aristotle etc as of being of
    >no value as they were geocentrist and possibly did not believe the earth to
    >be old.
    >Homer is a load of rubbish becuase it is flat earth.
    >The Origin of Species is bunk because Darwin didnt accept genetic , DNA or
    >Shakespeare is bunk because he says the earth is only 6000 years old - he
    >may have been geocentrist as well
    >Bertarand Russell is wrong in his atheism cos he didnt accept plate
    >tectonics or the genetic basis of behaviour
    >David Hume cos he did not accept evolution or geological ages or the atomic
    >Can you really dismiss all these along with the Bible.

    You're starting down a slippery slope, Michael. Really, it's OK
    if you are a Christian :-) YECs are the really dangerous ones.

    >Every writer or thinker is a child of their time and thus expresses things
    >in the science and thought of their day. If this makes the Bible invalid,
    >then every other writing is invalid too.

    Oh boy, logic flaw. I'll leave it to others to point out if they
    so choose (I'm the atheist/agnostic outsider here :-)

    >One of the most stupid statements ever written was that of the
    >paleontologist GG simpson quoted approvingly by Dawkins in the Selfish
    >Gene that any attempt before 1859 to answer the question s What are we for?
    >Is there a meaning to life? etc etc are worthless.
    >How stupid can atheists get?

    I take no offense. Atheists say lots of dumb things!

    >Think of all the literature Christian and non-christian which is
    worthless -
    >not to mention the American constitution!

    Well, maybe I didn't want to debate as badly as I thought. These
    are sensitive issues! Non-YEC Christianity (at least at this point
    in time) poses absolutely no threat to humanity. I don't know what
    else to tell you, Michael. You have much more at stake here than I
    do. All that I'll say is that you don't seem aware of skeptic thought.
    Thanks for your response :-)


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