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Date: Sun Jan 05 2003 - 11:55:38 EST

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    Hi Glenn, you wrote:

    >Now when we turn to mankind we find that ancient hunter-gatherers were
    >patrilocal also. Luis Arsuaga notes:
    >=ECWhat is more, the majority of hunter-gatherer groups on record were or=
    >patrilocal, meaning that sons stay in their birth groups while daughters
    >leave theirs. Based on this evidence, many researchers believe it more
    >likely that prehistoric hominids were also patrilocal, although Hawkes and
    >her colleagues disagree.=EE Juan Luis Arsuaga, The Neanderthal=EDs=
    >transl. By Andy Klatt, (New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 2002), p. 164

    The nature of humans weighs against "patrilocality" in my humble estimation.=
       The idea of human females leaving the safety of their tribe and setting=
      off to find adventure and romance strikes me as unlikely. Plus, if I were=
      a member of a tribe and saw a strange female batting her eyes and giving me=
      that "Hello sailor" look, I would be suspicious she was more likely looking=
      for the pretty stones in my leather pouch.

    It is highly more likely that warring tribes spread their genes the same way=
      they did in more recent times. The victorious tribe would dispatch the=
      males to meet their Maker, and keep the comely females for companionship. =
      The results on DNA would be the same as for chimps.

    >The effect of this is that if Human/Neanderthal interbreeding took place,
    >and Neanderthals were few in number, that human females could have spread
    >their mtDNA and eventually replaced the Neanderthal mtDNA.

    Same thing. Victorious Neanderthal tribes would take the more genteel,=
      female Homo sapiens and annex them to their tribes, whereas victorious Homo=
      sapiens might pass on the big, heavy, hairy Neanderthal women. Why do you=
      think the Scots kept raiding the peace-loving English requiring the=
      building of Hadrian's wall? Looking for Limey love, weren't they?

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