Jim: All truth is God's truth

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Date: Sun Jan 05 2003 - 10:26:44 EST

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    > Actually, the major point of this list is the relationship between "truth
    > outside the Bible" (science) and the Bible. I relate better to Christians
    > who say "All truth is God's truth." After all, science has forced major
    > reinterpretations of "God's Biblical truth." Some Christians (Spong comes
    > to mind) even claim Biblical moral truth is in need of reinterpretation.
    > Jim

    I like Jim's "all truth is God's truth." I don't know any other tenable
    position but this one of Jim's. For scientific reasons I have difficulty with
    Spong's conclusions that Biblical moral truth is in need of reinterpretation.
    Spong accepts liberal ideology as 'science' and he is dead wrong for assuming
    that Biblical moral law has to change. Ken Ham, the creationist, has the
    science wrong but comes to the right conclusion, that Bibilical moral law is
    paramount. Ham rejects the science but accepts the moral law. Spong accepts
    what he thinks is 'science' and rejects the moral law. Liberal ideology in
    which Biblical moral law changes radically is only viable for Christianity if
    it embraces a degree of tripartition like Judaism, but then perhaps it is no
    longer Christianity.

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