Did Jesus ever consider sinning in the gospels?

From: RFaussette@aol.com
Date: Sun Jan 05 2003 - 10:12:04 EST

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    > But it's possible to make a formal & good faith affirmation of his humanit=
    > while in fact making that humanity simply a temporary disguise for God. =20
    > The uproar among some Christians a few years ago over the film "The Last=20
    > Temptation of Christ", with its idea that Christ really was tempted, is=20
    > illustrative of this.

    I'd like to throw this on the table in reference to the above remark and it=20
    is a question, not a statement. Can I draw these conclusions?

    Jesus as Son of God is naturally assumed certain divine characteristics for=20
    example, He is sinless. From His sinlessness can we deduce that His=20
    intellectualizing was intuitive, that He did not reflect on his decisions.=20
    In Scripture, when Jesus is ready to engage in dangerous behavior, which He=20
    openly and honestly fears, does He think about it? Or does He ask the=20
    Father to remove the obligation/burden from him?=20


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