Re: spong's bad assumptions and virgin births - for jim

Date: Thu Jan 02 2003 - 08:01:35 EST

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    > . The account of the creation of humanity in
    > Genesis 2:4b-25 is of course different, but these are two different
    > creation accounts.

      I gave you a number of examples from a number of different religious
    horizons to demonstrate that virgin birth was a historically ancient concept.
    You are saying one of my examples is one of two accounts and I agree. what
    about the others that suggest the phenomena was a norm for the ancient world?
    You don't comment. What point are you making about the difference between
    virgin birth and virginal conception? You mean you can have a virginal
    conception and then not have a virginal birth? At what point is the male
    principle introduced in a case like that?

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