Re: Does the Bible teach a flat earth?

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Wed Jan 01 2003 - 09:01:18 EST

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    Blake writes

    >Jim, eternal life is something you have raised
    >numerous times in your deconversion about why
    >Christianity is a nice thought. Is this why you were
    >a Christian? Perhaps I am odd man out, but I have
    >never thought Christianity was about eternal life.

    If I may touch upon Jan's "denigrating Christianity"
    remarks first. I support the truth. To the degree that
    Christianity coincides with the truth, I "support" Christianity.
    When a Christian says, "it's a mystery and I can't support it,
    but I believe" I say very well and I'm always happy to talk
    later if you like. For the purposes of this list, I don't see
    what the big deal is about this approach.

    I realize I'm not addressing many of your questions, Blake,
    but, to me, this was the most important one. Absolutely
    this is why I was a Christian. At the risk of incurring
    Jan's wrath, this is an enormous attraction of Christianity.
    It provides hope to the unhappy and unfortunate. It seems
    to comfort people. My only concern is when Christianity
    makes people unhappy. Then I think it's important to know
    that there is another side to the story. Apparently, you
    seem to think that Christianity is largely for this world.
    Be careful, Jan may come after you, you heretic ;-)

    Take care,

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