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Date: Mon Dec 30 2002 - 23:38:09 EST

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    >> There is a part of me that misses the knock-down, drag-out fights of the old
    >> days. But, the truth comes first, and I am finding less and less to
    >> disagree about. I feel uncomfortable de-converting Christians, although
    >> Christianity is certainly in decline. There are more important issues than
    >> owning up to the mythical nature of Christianity. Mostly important is how
    >> well you take care of yourself.
    >It may be a silly question, and I hate to interrupt you while you are
    >de-converting Christians but do you know what the myths mean?
    "...certainly in decline."? Philip Jenkins in his book, "The Next
    Christendom" points out that, contrary to popular wisdom concerning the
    growth of Islam, that Christianity is not on the decline, but doing just
    fine, thank you. However, it may be redistributing itself somewhat -
    particularly in the so-called 3rd world countries. And yes, some of that
    is the result of expanding Catholicism, which is apparently posing some
    interesting problems for the Catholic Church because of the syncretic
    nature of that growth. You can hear an interview with Jenkins on this
    topic at (scroll down to
    Thursday, Dec 26, 2002) - JimA

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