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Date: Mon Dec 30 2002 - 18:42:41 EST

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    Jack Haas and I have been working on getting some of the older
    journal articles on-line. Some are ready and more should be coming
    soon. The newly added list is at

    (make sure you cut and paste the link and don't get any carriage
    return characters in it or go to the Recent Additions link on the
    lower right of the ASA home page at This list
    is dynamic and new things are listed at the top when they are added.

    There's at least one old Seely article that seems ever relevant to
    discussions on the list:

    If you do look at any of this material and find typos or problems
    please let me know. We're trying to scan...OCR...prepare for web as
    efficiently as possible. No doubt many transcription errors will
    occur. One longs for divine superintendence of the OCR process to
    result in error-free transmission!

    Happy New Year everyone. If all goes well there should be some major
    changes in the way the list is managed in the next few days--new
    hardware, software etc. It will be mostly invisible, but there will
    likely be a new address for list traffic. Until further notice,
    however, things will continue as they are.


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