RE: animals and humans (was "Evolution wars")

From: Adrian Teo (
Date: Sat Dec 28 2002 - 11:35:17 EST

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    Hello Burgy,

            You wrote:
            JB: If one limits his considerations to only that narrow set of data
            represented by the above, you might be right (I have not
    studied it in any
            detail and so am agnostic on what that data might point to).
    But that set of
            data is not ALL the evidence, friend.

            If you read WHEN ELEPHANTS WEEP, we can have a discussion on
    some of (hardly
            all) of the additional data that pertains to the question. At
    least read the
            review in PERSPECTIVES or on my web site to see how the data
    is described.
            At that point you will understand my "nothing buttery"
    comment, at least.

            AT: I have studied this issue from a number of angles,
    looking at language, problem-solving, memory, learning, and morality
    in animals. I do have a copy of WHEN ELEPHANTS WEEP on my shelf, but
    haven't goten the chance to read it yet. Hopefully I will soon.


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