Re: Does the Bible teach a flat earth?

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sat Dec 28 2002 - 04:11:43 EST

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    Michael writes (slightly re-ordered)

    >I am aware that there is the propoganda of extreme inerrantists to insist
    >a 6 day creation but theyare simply confusing the issue.

    In my opinion, these people are a detriment to the human race. For
    Christians, they represent an additional concern - the destruction of
    Christianity's reputation. They are anti-intellectual, very dishonest,
    hypocritical, manipulative, cult-like, mindless, desperate, pathetic,
    anti-social, unfair, and repulsive.

    >Also almost all evangelicals inerrantist or not recognise that the Bible is
    >a thoroughly human document.

    I disagree. Evangelicals are Bible believers.

    >Often Inerrancy is popularlarly portrayed as insisting on a 6
    >day creation. That is not the case, as shown by people like B Graham,

    Interestingly, Billy Graham's website has changed from several months
    back. It used to trumpet creationism or day-age. Now, it is difficult
    to find what his organization's position is.

    >Jim are you rejecting the Bible or the loopy views of extreme inerrantists.
    >These loopy types who as pastors seem to dominate many churches are doing
    >hell of lot of damage and most people on this list can give several
    >examples. By the definition of these loopy types I am as liberal as Spong!

    I give the ASA list credit for tolerating the reasons that I left
    Christianity. Mostly I am remaining on this list to keep current with
    Christian thought (and maybe point out logical fallacies that Christians
    would miss). Don't hold your breath on my re-conversion. I've been
    "Christian indoctrinated" my whole life, and I am still catching up on
    "hearing the other side of the story."



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