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Date: Thu Dec 26 2002 - 12:17:27 EST

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    Jim asked of Jan: "What is your theological stance on how
    sin is transmitted through the generations? "

    PMFJI -- I think C. S. Lewis addressed that question -- or at least that
    kind of question -- in one of his books. In brief, he argued that one may
    have all kinds of theological theories and models of how sin appears and how
    Jesus took care of them for us. All of these are just theories; unlike
    scientific theories there does not seem to be any Ocham's razor principle to
    pick among them, so all survive. Lewis goes on, however, to argue that the
    FACT of sin and the FACT of the cross are what is really important. The
    retarded adults friend wife and I sometimes teach understand those two facts
    well -- they do not worry about theories of sin-inheiritance or theories of
    how the atonment actually happened -- these are beyond their mental

    Sometimes I think they are also beyond my own mental capacity, and that's
    OK. "Except you become as little children ... ." I think that statement may

    John W. Burgeson (Burgy)

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    >Jan writes
    > >>George, what kind of new teaching is this? God created all men
    > >>sinners so that he could kill his son?
    > >A sentence like that shows the shortcomings of an e-mail discussion
    > >group. Of course, George did not mean to say, that God created all men as
    > >sinners. A thorough explanation does take mor than a few sentences.
    >Jan, either you missed my point, or you are not doing me the courtesy
    >of recognizing my point. My message was "doesn't this sound a little
    >odd?" George has been strangely quiet in replying, and has taken heat
    >for his apparent assertions here.
    >If you are going to criticize my post, please offer something of
    >substance in its stead. What is your theological stance on how
    >sin is transmitted through the generations? If you say that would
    >take much more time than we have now, why did you even bother to reply
    >to my post in the first place? Quite simply, you are obscuring the
    >truth. Such tactics destroy what's left of Christianity's reputation.
    >I'd say more, but I expect that you'll just reply with the usual complaint
    >of "nobody takes the time to study these issues anymore." Well, Jan, how
    >about taking the time to contribute to a discussion instead of knee-jerk

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