California Teachers to Teach Evolution

From: Dick Fischer (
Date: Tue Dec 24 2002 - 15:43:02 EST

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    A statement from the California Science Teachers Association reads in part:
    "The California Science Teachers Association endorses the teaching of
    evolution at all levels of our students' education. Furthermore, we do not
    endorse teaching the "evidence against evolution", as there is no
    scientific evidence that evolution has not occurred. Nor can we condone
    teaching "scientific creationism", "intelligent design", or other
    non-scientific explanations as valid scientific theories. These beliefs
    ignore empirical data and fail to provide testable hypotheses. They should
    not be a part of the science curriculum."

    Sounds like the "granola state" (land of nuts, fruits, and flakes) got
    something right.

    Dick Fischer - Genesis Proclaimed Association
    "Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History"

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