Re: Does the Bible teach a flat earth?

Date: Sun Dec 22 2002 - 21:02:01 EST

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    Peter wrote,

    << Accommodation can be interpreted in different ways. One aspect is that
      God took care that his prophets formulated what He wanted to reveal in a
      way conducive to being understood by unlearned people. I agree with
      that, and Calvin may very well have meant this. Quite different is the
      claim that God didn't care whether whatever errors the prophet's
      contemporaries might have held were incorporated in the text or not, as
      long as it would not touch a theological truth. Here I have very serious
      reservations. First of all, some include moral or ethical issues among
      the defects tolerated (I don't think Calvin did). >>

    Calvin did emphasize the accommodation of Scripture to the unlearned, but he
    also accepted, as did Jesus, some accommodation to ethical defects due to
    man's hardness of heart. See "Calvin's Pentateuchal Criticism: Equity,
    Hardness of Heart, and Divne Accommodation in the Mosaic Harmony Commentary"
    by David F Wright, Calvin Theological Journal, vol 21:1 (April, 1986) pp.


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