Re: Evolution wars

Date: Sun Dec 22 2002 - 09:54:58 EST

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    > Kevin MacDonald has developed "an understanding of Judaism based on
    > modern social and biological
    > sciences... and especially the social psychology of group
    > behavior"
    > (APTSDA, Judaism as a Group
    > Evolutionary Strategy). He finds the solution to the riddle of
    > cyclic
    > genocide in group dynamics.
    > AT: All these may be quite interesting, but how did we get this far
    > astray from the question of human origin?

    We didn't. MacDdonald's elucidation of Judaism as an evolutionary strategy
    required that he present voluminous data on evolution and Biblical belief.
    Three books full. Published by a respected academic publisher, Praeger. It is
    MacDonald's evidence that supports the Darwinian interpretation of Biblical
    symbols in which I am presently engaged and to which I invite other
    Christians, so we're right on target.


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