Re: Evolution wars

Date: Sun Dec 22 2002 - 10:04:12 EST

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    > If you are going to criticize my post, please offer something of substance
    > in its stead. What is your theological stance on how
    > sin is transmitted through the generations? If you say that wouldtake much
    > more time than we have now, why did you even bother to reply
    > to my post in the first place? Quite simply, you are obscuring the truth.
    > Such tactics destroy what's left of Christianity's reputation.

    I would like to suggest that sin is only possible with learned behavior.
    animals who behave instinctively cannot sin. They are behaving the way they
    were born to behave. so, sin is transmitted genetically, through our large
    brains and self reflective consciousness and consequent free will - we are
    FREE to sin each and every generation as a result of our "open eyes."
    (genesis 3:6)

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