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Date: Sun Dec 22 2002 - 09:47:04 EST

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    > I'm not so certain that there is "a clean qualitative break between animals
    > and humans. One chooses freely and the other doesn't." I can think of many
    > instances when my dog Joshua has chosen freely. And I recall a
    > presentation many years ago by a colleague of mine in Psychology relating a
    > paper

    Here, you are failing to use Biblical eyes to assess Bibilical text. The
    shepherds from which we get our religion were breeders of animals. They knew
    nothing about the genetics of selection but they domesticated herding animals
    and were in exactly the right occupation to observe instinctive behavior and
    in fact use it to their advantage. They could easily see that there was a
    marked difference between the behavior of their domesticated animals and
    themselves. You, in your reflective consciousness can see the gradient over
    many generations of selection. These pastoralists, in their description in
    Genesis only describe the products of selection as they observed the
    differences between humans and domesticated animals. They did not see the
    gradient you see. That is why the eovlution of human consciousness is
    collapsed into the lives of two individuals. They could see the differences
    but they did not know the processes.


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