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From: Adrian Teo (
Date: Sun Dec 22 2002 - 00:37:50 EST

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    Hello Jim,

            You wrote:

            I hope you'll forebear my intrusion into this discussion again, but
            your recent comment caught my attention:

            AT: OF course. This is a public forum. I welcome all contributions.

            Jim: Boy, does that sound right, that following the majority
    is a sound way
            to find the leading of the Holy Spirit? I'm thinking a case might be
            made that the movement of the Holy Spirit is exactly what
    draws us apart
            from majority thought, striving against the tendency toward
            revelation-resisting stasis of tradition on the one hand, and acting to
            counter the ebb and flow of faddish and poorly-grounded popular trends
            on the other.

            AT: I believe it was St Augustine who wrote that right
    doctrine is what is believed always and everywhere. This is logically
    the case if the universal church has been promised to be protected
    from error. If the majority of Christians through history and around
    the world are wrong, then the promise of Christ is unfulfilled. Note
    that this is quite distinct from following the opinion of the
    majority in a culture. It only applies to the subset of believers.

            If it was the case that the minority belief is the correct
    one, then how is one ever to know which minority group to follow? Rev
    Moon? Rev Luther? Sister White? Rev Young? [Disclaimer: This list of
    names is not intended to imply that these leaders are all equally
    legitimate, but simply to put my point across. I have much greater
    respect for Luther than Moon.] Sure, some say I can compare their
    teachings with Scripture, but can I even trust my own interpretation
    of Scripture, untrained as I am, and fallen as I am? And if there is
    no sure way of discerning truth, then no one can be held accountable
    for teaching something they sincerely believe to be true (dare I say,
    even teaching YEC as truth).

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