RE: Evolution wars

From: Jim Armstrong (
Date: Sat Dec 21 2002 - 20:22:26 EST

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    AT - I hope you'll forebear my intrusion into this discussion again, but
    your recent comment caught my attention:

           AT: Far from it. Christian doctrines are discerned by the

    faithful, and what is generally believed by the majority of

    Christians can often be helpful in knowing the leading of the Holy

    Spirit. Remember that the gates of hell will not prevail against the


    Boy, does that sound right, that following the majority is a sound way
    to find the leading of the Holy Spirit? I'm thinking a case might be
    made that the movement of the Holy Spirit is exactly what draws us apart
    from majority thought, striving against the tendency toward
    revelation-resisting stasis of tradition on the one hand, and acting to
    counter the ebb and flow of faddish and poorly-grounded popular trends
    on the other.

    Just a thought. JimA

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