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From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Sat Dec 21 2002 - 17:16:37 EST

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    Jim, I did have long discussions with you before, (I believe in the spring
    or early summer, or even before that) and expected that you would at least
    say more than just what you said in your reply to George. Again, it shows
    the shortcomings of e-mail discussions. Sorry, if I missed your point. I
    am, however, very sensitive to sentences like you used, about God. Even if
    George said literally what you implied, I do not believe that God created
    men to sin in order to be able to send His Son. But all men sin=go against
    God's will. They do so voluntarily, wanting to serve themselves. That
    says nothing about God's intentions. But God send His Son to take our
    guilt upon Himself so as to make us, believers, clean again.
        About the substance of this matter, we have written to each other
    before. If I remember correctly in the early summer, maybe even
    earlier. You ask my "theological stance" (what is that?) about "How sin is
    transmitted through the generations."
    Before you get turned off: theology is a scientific business, you probably
    mean "faith."
    I believe, that the Bible tells me that; "In Adam all have sinned" "All"
    includes me and all other human beings. I may have ways of reading the
    Bible, that not everyone agrees with, but I do believe that all of us sin,
    and have to ask God to be forgiven every day. We did indeed "inherit" the
    tendency to sin.
    You may have followed earlier discussions I (and maybe you)participated in
    about Gen. 1-11.


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