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    > You asked:
    > You say "in the context of the universal church's understanding of it."
    > I
    > don't know what you mean by that context. You're claiming quite an
    > authority.
    > AT: What I mean is what has been generally accepted by the majority of
    > Christians around the world throughout history. I think this is a most
    > legitiamte source of guidance for us, and will prevent us modern Christians
    > from all kinds of novel interpretations not in keeping with Apostolic
    > teaching.

    I didn't know Christianity was a democracy and so have given little thought
    to what majorities accept. My inquiry into the darwinian substrate in the
    bible is based on Ken Ham's legitimate concern. I heard him defend
    creationism simply on the grounds that if he didn't, people would abandon the
    Biblical teachings. Ham is concerned they would then abandon the moral law in
    the scriptures. My inquiries suggest that the moral law in the scriptures is
    supported by a darwinian interpretation so Ken Ham is unnecessarily concerned
    so I am trying to get people past the refusal to accept the darwinian
    substrate in the scriptures because they think its a threat. It's not a
    threat, but you have to make the intellectual inquiry from a darwinian
    perspective to see that for yourself. The Darwinian interpretation of the
    Scriptures is not a 'novel' interpretation. The first book of the MacDonald
    trilogy was published in 1994, the last in 1998.

      Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy

    Toward an Evolutionary Theory of anti-Semitism

      An Evolutionary Analysis
        of Jewish Involvement
             in 20th Century
    Intellectual and Political Movements

          In these three volumes Kevin MacDonald identifies a religiously applied
    human evolutionary strategy. If
          you've followed the development of evolutionary theory, you are not
    surprised by the identification of a
          religiously applied evolutionary strategy. E.O.Wilson warned us over 20
    years ago that it was coming when
          he wrote in On Human Nature that, "...beliefs are really enabling
    mechanisms for survival. Religion, like
          other human institutions, evolves so as to enhance the persistence and
    influence of its practitioners."

          Kevin MacDonald has developed "an understanding of Judaism based on
    modern social and biological
          sciences... and especially the social psychology of group behavior"
    (APTSDA, Judaism as a Group
          Evolutionary Strategy). He finds the solution to the riddle of cyclic
    genocide in group dynamics.

    This has already happened...


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