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From: George Murphy (
Date: Sat Dec 21 2002 - 07:25:48 EST

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    Adrian Teo wrote:
    > Hello George,
    > You wrote:
    > 1) The fact that Paul "simply assumes" Adam to
    >have been an historical human
    > should raise questions about the claim that such a belief
    >is essential to the
    > theological point that he is making.
    > AT: On the contrary, the very point Paul was trying to make
    >was to draw the parallel between Adam and Christ. Through one, all
    >sinned, and through one,
    > Read from 1Cor 15:20 also.

            Well, that's the question, isn't it? What is the point Paul is making?
    What use does he make of the parallel between Adam & Christ?

    > George:
    > 2) & in fact it simply is not true that "the
    >reality of original sin in all of
    > us necessitates a single source." In Romans 1:18-3:20 Paul
    >speaks in detail of the
    > sinfulness of all human beings without referring to Adam
    >or, indeed, to any historical
    > source for that phenomenon.
    > AT: In context, Paul was trying the persuade the
    >Judaizers that Jews were as guilty as Gentiles were. The comparison
    >here was between Jews and Gentiles, whereas in
    >chapter 5, the comparison was between Adam and Christ.

            The structures of the 2 passages are hardly parallel but that
    isn't the main
    point. 1:18-3:20 shows the universal sinfulness of humanity, & this
    is done with no
    reference to origins.

    > With due respect for your theological expertise, I
    have to disagree
    with you in this case.

              Our respect is mutual but we continue to disagree.


    George L. Murphy

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