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Date: Fri Dec 20 2002 - 23:25:16 EST

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    Hello George,

            You wrote:
                    1) The fact that Paul "simply assumes" Adam to have
    been an historical human
            should raise questions about the claim that such a belief is
    essential to the
            theological point that he is making.

            AT: On the contrary, the very point Paul was trying to make
    was to draw the parallel between Adam and Christ. Through one, all
    sinned, and through one, the grace will come.

            Read from 1Cor 15:20 also.

                    2) & in fact it simply is not true that "the reality
    of original sin in all of
            us necessitates a single source." In Romans 1:18-3:20 Paul
    speaks in detail of the
            sinfulness of all human beings without referring to Adam or,
    indeed, to any historical
            source for that phenomenon.

            AT: In context, Paul was trying the persuade the Judaizers
    that Jews were as guilty as Gentiles were. The comparison here was
    between Jews and Gentiles, whereas in chapter 5, the comparison was
    between Adam and Christ.

            With due respect for your theological expertise, I have to
    disagree with you in this case.



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