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Date: Fri Dec 20 2002 - 01:28:11 EST

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    Hello Jim,

    It would be poor exegesis to simply point to a single passage in
    Scripture to prove one's point. Scripture is to be understood as a
    whole, and in the context of the universal church's understanding of
    it. In this regard, then, one is able to say that the doctrine of
    original sin and the imago Dei is incompatible with a gradualistic
    account of human creation. Paul, himself, presented his point about
    sin (Romans 5), and simply assumes that Adam was a historical man.
    Jesus is presented as the 2nd Adam, undoing the work of the first.
    The geneaology of Jesus goes back to Adam. The reality of original
    sin in all of us necessitates a single source, and in parallel, the
    reality of salvation for all of us necessitates a single source,
    which is Christ. We all (i.e. humans) have to be sons of Adam in
    order for the need to be saved by the second Adam.


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            Perhaps you could point to the passage that necessitates the
            instantaneousness of this aspect of creation? Regards - JimA

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            In defense of no-longer-lurking Sheila, I think it is perfectly
            reasonable to infer from the bible and Christian tradition that there
            are certain modes of creation that is incompatible with God's action.
            For example, the notion of a gradual (quantitative
    incremental) creation
            of humans is clearly incompatible with humans as created in
    the image of
            God in the Genesis account. The creation of humanity is a unique,
            singular, and instant event (qualitative). In other words, there never
            was a time when partial humans existed. There was a time when
            creatures existed and evolved, with physical features similar
    to humans,
            but these were not humans, not even partial ones. Then at some point in
            creation, God breathed human soul into either some ancestral
    creature or
            a body molded from raw matter, and behold, the human person came into
            the scene. I am not sure how He did it, but He did not do it in a
            gradual way.



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