Re: Does the Bible teach a flat earth?

Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 07:47:19 EST

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    > Also one cannot expect biblical writers to write in a compatible way with
    > modern science - there aim was to expalin the ways of God to the common man.
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    You say one cannot expect biblical writers to write in a compatible way with
    modern science - but science never changes - what was scientific law then is
    scientific law now. it is only our perception that changes. I pointed out
    something that is patently obvious, the fact that the biblical shepherds
    directed selection when they bred their sheep. They didn't understand the
    underlying genetic processes (not til mendel did anybody understand them) but
    they practiced eugenics in genesis. Nobody blinked but one to refute the
    suggestion but its there in genesis 25-29.

    You say their aim was to explain the ways of god to the common man. I say
    that was only part of their aim. Jewish scholars themselves repreatedly point
    to the allegorical mysteries hidden in the Bible and the reaction of some
    learned men upon understanding those mysteries. "4 persons entered the garden
    of eden. Ben Azai looked around and died."
    "In the Mishna (haggiga sec.2) "The story of genesis is not to be explained
    to two men. The story of the merkaba (heavenly chariot) not even to one,
    unless he be wise and can deduce wisom of his own accord."
    both references from Adolph Franck's The Kabbalah.

    It appears to me that the Pentateuch is deliberately written on at least two
    levels. One for the learned and one for the common man. That is what Jews say
    about their own books and from the examples I've offered, I would think it
    appears entirely plausible. In otherwords, the aim of the people who wrote
    the Bible was to explain it to the common man while preserving the ancient
    science for themselves.


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