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From: George Murphy (
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 09:09:51 EST

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    > > For "keen in discussing motivations" one should read "keen on
    > > talking about ID
    > > as it really is." And it puzzles me that you are so keen on avoiding that.
    > >
    > >
    > rather than argue this point why not go directly to their web site and join
    > their discussion group. I did and they say nothing of substance but here is
    > the link if you want to read dembski and argue with his ardent followers.

            I think that Dembski is worth reading, though he's wrong in
    some important ways.
    I'm not interested personally in debating "his ardent followers"
    unless they are willing
    to discuss theological issues as well as questions of science &
    philosophy. This is not
    to say that the latter areas are unimportant but one person can only
    do so much & there
    are only 24 hours/day. Furthermore, the theological issues connected
    with ID have
    generally been neglected. The IDers themselves don't seem to want to
    discuss them very
    much except when they're preaching to the choir.


    George L. Murphy

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