RE: Infant murder in I Sam 15

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Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 16:56:08 EST

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    Perhaps the problem only arises when one views the Bible in parts,
    instead of a complete whole. I think it was St. Augustine or one of
    the Fathers who said something to the effect that the NT is concealed
    in the Old, and the OT is revealed in the New. Revelation, even in
    the Bible, appears to be progressive. The Israelites' understanding
    of God and His ways appears to be less complete than that of the NT
    writers, but the NT writers formed their understanding from and based
    on the OT material handed down to them. Both, together as a unity,
    powerfully reveals the wisdom and character of God.


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    > The issue is NOT whether God can do -- whatever -- that is
    agreed upon. The
    > issue is whether (or not) in this particular case God did
    command the
    > murder of innocents. Those who insist that He did so may, indeed, be
    > correct. But that position suggests an attribute of God
    which makes loving
    > Him difficult. It also suggests that the killing of
    innocents in our day
    > (nuke all IRAQ?) may be justified.

            The entire Book of Job is God punishing an innocent man. The
    key to the Book
            of Job is Job's repentance at the end. Just before Job
    repents he asks God
            why? and God says (I paraphrase) because I am God. I only see God's
            compassion for those who obey God's Law. Even among the
    Israelites, those who
            abandond the Law are punished.
            You also might want to consider; in the ten commandments when
    you see the
            word 'neighbor' does it mean Hebrews only or all men? I think it means
            Hebrews only. how else could they have embraced those
    commandments and then
            gone on to massacre Canaanites?

            I don't see a compassionate god in the OT. I see Him in the
    NT. In the OT I
            see a righteous God. The killing of innocents is never justified.
            On another tack, be careful of that word love. whenever I
    see it, it could
            mean agape, self sacrifice, surrender or submission. Loving
    God is submitting
            surrendering to Him as Job did because you have no other choice.

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