Re: Historical evidence for Jesus

Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 08:19:47 EST

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    > In that vein, we all know that the Bible is unhistorical. If there are any
    > out there who feel otherwise, they have failed to make their
    > case.

    I don't know what you mean by unhistorical. For example, the Tower of Babel
    story. It is most probably a generic allegory for a war tactic that was
    employed in ancient times. It was employed by the Assyrian Tiglath Pilaser
    III in 738 BC against Israel. In The Jewish Historical Atlas it is written
    that the Assyrians sought to obliterate national identities by way of
    population transfer. I suggest the tower of babel story is an allegorical
    rendition of this war tactic. Since it is a real tactic, it is not
    ahistorical but since it is not referring to a specific engagement you might
    say it is unhistorical, but that would tend to obscure the real intent of the
    story which is a generic one to elucidate a very real war tactic of ancient

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