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Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 08:07:14 EST

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    > This seemed a rather lengthy answer to a simple question. I believe and
    > embrace creationism.

    hi sheila,
    I don't 'believe' any scientific hypotheses. I can see evidence that the
    principles of selection were applied in genesis. I can clearly see that Jacob
    was concerned with the inheritance of intelligence in his children and I can
    see God respond to his concern in the Biblical passages.
    Further, the pastoral experience is not geared to cosmology or cosmogony,
    (the source of 'creationism' ) which is why some of those stories are
    borrowed from the mesopotamian landed states of the time, but hebrews were
    shepherds whose primary concern was breeding animals, which is basically
    harnessing the power of selection, so I tend toward the belief that when the
    scriptures talk about breeding and human nature we are seeing Hebrew thought,
    pastoral thought and when we are reading cosmogony or cosmogony we are
    looking at mesopotamian (agrarian) thought generally.
    I can see evidence in a number of different places that directed selection is
    what the Hebrews themselves believe and practice now and have practiced for
    thousands of years, particularly the orthodox Jews of eastern europe.


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