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Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 02:05:00 EST

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    Hi Sheila,

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    > This seemed a rather lengthy answer to a simple question. I believe and
    > embrace creationism. The Bible clearly states that God created
    > Man, not some
    > amoebic ooze that became man over time. When someone asks me, which came
    > first the chicken or the egg, I know the answer.

    What came first the chicken or the egg?
    The earliest known egg-laying amniotes appeared during the Carboniferous
    period some 300 million years ago. Chickens belong to an order of birds (the
    Galliformes) that made their first appearance in the Eocene epoch some 50
    million years ago.
    So the amniotic egg clearly came first.
    Robert L. Caroll, Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution. W.H. Freeman and
    Company, New York. 1988.

    Stephen J. Krogh, P.G.
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