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Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 21:41:51 EST

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    > > If Darwin wasn't talking about evolution in the _Origin_ then I'm not the
    > > only one mistaken. I'm in the same boat with almost everyone else in the
    > > world who knows anything about the book, including scientists specializing
    > > in evolution and related fields.
    > > As I've said, there are certainly references to some knowledge of
    > > breeding in
    > > Genesis but this is a far cry from selection being found throughout the
    > > whole Bible.
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    > > Shalom,
    > > George
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    > First of all, you're carrying me far afield from where we started. I said
    > darwin was specifically talking about principles of selection being applied
    > in genesis, and that is indeed exactly what he was talking about. You had
    > said he was talking about evolution in the modern sense, but you didn't say
    > what the modern sense was.
    > I communicate with scientists regularly. I'm a member of the Human Behavior
    > and Evolution Society and discuss these points on the hbe-l list, the
    > evo-psych list (3,000+) scientists, and many other lists. last year on the
    > h-antisemitism list at michigan state university I offered a theoretical
    > control for Macdonald's trilogy on Judaism which was astonishingly well
    > received by Kevin MacDonald, the evolutionary psychologist, himself.
    > You ignored the quote from Paul Johnson. You ignored the data from the Bell
    > Curve. Both quotes suggest that the genetic segregation is aimed at selecting
    > for intelligence and that it is going on today.
    > In order to breed for a specific trait, you have to segregate your
    > population. Genetic segregation runs throughout the entire Bible.
    > Ezra 9:2? What makes 'holy' seed? Nehemiah 13:28? Nehemiah 13:23-25?
    > If you had taken a good look at the 3 generations from Jacob to Joseph's sons
    > (begin Genesis 25) you would have seen that the rule is: regardless of
    > birthright intelligence rises to rule. The allegory is perfect. If you read
    > it, you can't miss it!
    > I'm not trying to argue with you. I'm trying to give you a gift. If I seem to
    > be alone it is because I am in the new paradigm. The argument between
    > religion and Darwinian evolution is over.

            You began by asking what people on this list thought about
    evolution & religion
    & I gave my own brief answer. I agree with your last sentence but
    not for your reasons.
    Other than that I respectfully decline your gift.


    George L. Murphy

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