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Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 21:37:19 EST

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    >what is the general concensus here? do you all believe in evolution and are
    >you trying to interpret the Bible from a Darwinian perspective (which would
    >be the next logical step) or do you embrace creationism or something else?

    I don't understand your question. "Believe" in evolution? What does that
    mean? What is a Darwinian perspective? What do you understand by

    I believe, that God created the universe. I know as well that there still
    is evolution going on. I know, too, that the philosophy of "thinking" (for
    want of a better expression) of the writers of the bible, though inspired
    by God, was such that they could talk and write to their contemporaries.
    I said so before, the way of thinking 300 years ago is different from the
    way of thinking now,and that was different from the way of thing 600 years
    ago etc. Consequently we must always take into account the way of thinking
    of the time the bible books were written. If Moses had written in 21st
    century language (way of thinking) no-one would have understood him.

    To be sure that you understand me and many others on this interchange properly:
    I believe that God created this universe.
    I believe that man sinned and was punished, thus losing the abilities he had.
    I believe that Jesus Christ came and died for our (that is believers') sins.
    I believe that Jesus will come back to judge the living and the dead.

    And I believe that God could have used evolution to develop the universe.

    Add to that, I believe that time was created, and that time will be done
    away with for us in eternity, but I cannot calculate, nor imagine what that
    will be like.

    Now, I don't mind if you think differently, nor will I get involved again
    in arguments I had for many, many years.

    Jan de Koning

    Jan de Koning

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