Re: Historical evidence for Jesus

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 13:40:27 EST

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    Thanks for the well wishes (especially Bob). I must say, it is
    bizarre to have hopped from the very conservative Christian side
    to being even more "liberal" than the most liberal ASAer (gosh, it's
    hard not to "name names" here :-)

    Basically, I agree with what everyone posted. Bob and I apparently
    have some sort of different definition of "choice." I posit that Bob
    would drop Christianity, without choice, if someone gave him proof
    tomorrow that Jesus did not, in fact, rise from the dead. It could
    take months to determine why Bob feels the evidence is good and I
    don't. My only hope is that this list (while still maintaining its
    Christian character) continues to be conducive to truth-searching.
    In that vein, we all know that the Bible is unhistorical. If there
    are any out there who feel otherwise, they have failed to make their


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