RE: Noah not in the Black Sea

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 15:09:31 EST

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    Burgy wrote:
    >It is a most interesting concept to discuss. I was impressed recently by
    >Dick Fischer's listing of parallel accounts betwwen Genesis and other
    >non-biblical sources. I continue to be uninterested theologically whether
    >the Noah flood ever happened but as a scientific possibility it does have
    >some intellectual appeal. Dick's list makes me take its possibility more
    >seriously than before. So did the Black & Pittman book. Your arguments
    >against it are good -- bit they do not represent "smoking guns."

    That may be, but the experts who study that area for a living are in general
    rejection of the hypothesis. That alone should make one sit up and take


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    personal stories of struggle

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