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Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 13:00:52 EST

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    Glenn wrote: "The slope of the Black Sea bed is such that 400 feet in a year
    means that people have to move about 3 houses down the block each day for a
    year. That is hardly the stuff of legend."

    Unless, of course, the move is not "3 houses per day for a year" but more
    like "1000 houses a day for a day." There is no need for the innundation to
    have taken place gradually at all points.

    Black & Pittman, of course, claim that it IS the stuff of legend for they do
    not assume the biblical accounts to be any more than that.

    It is a most interesting concept to discuss. I was impressed recently by
    Dick Fischer's listing of parallel accounts betwwen Genesis and other
    non-biblical sources. I continue to be uninterested theologically whether
    the Noah flood ever happened but as a scientific possibility it does have
    some intellectual appeal. Dick's list makes me take its possibility more
    seriously than before. So did the Black & Pittman book. Your arguments
    against it are good -- bit they do not represent "smoking guns."

    Hope Santa can find you way over there on the other side of the world.

    John W. Burgeson (Burgy)

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    >I have pointed this out before but some weren't here to see it. Even the
    >'catastrophic' rate of infill isn't very catastrophic.
    >(Ryan et al, Marine Geology 138:119-126). The water rose 400 feet in a
    >Given the slope of the southern Black sea bed, it means that the people had
    >before you would have to swim. There are no mountains being covered, and
    >shoreline was not out of sight--ever. I would have thought that such a
    >infilling would have been labeled the long march rather than the great
    >The slope of the Black Sea bed is such that 400 feet in a year means that
    >people have to move about 3 houses down the block each day for a year. That
    >is hardly the stuff of legend.
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    > Some time ago, I posted a couple of notes about an article in GSA
    >that called into question the Black Sea flood idea, popularized
    > by Ryan and Pitman. The latest GSA Today has a note in which the
    >authors cite additional papers, of which they were unaware at the
    > time of writing, which support their gradual flooding model for the
    >Black Sea.
    > Thanks, an abrupt flood would fill the bill but a gradual flood might
    >serve to induce mass migrations. It's a shame Ryan and Pitman's PBS
    >documentary on the issue is already obsolete.
    > Do you have any information on the suggestion that the story of the
    >comes from the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh?
    > rich

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