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Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 09:55:43 EST

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    > > Christians are certainly _not_ called "to interpret the Bible from a
    > > Darwinian
    > > perspective." Instead, they should interpret evolution (which is not
    > > synonomous with
    > > "Darwinism," though Darwin's insights are major components of an adequate
    > > evolutionary
    > > theory) from a Biblical perspective.
    > >
    > Charles Darwin articulated the processes of natural selection. It is
    > selection that runs through the Bible. Natural selection is the Biblical
    > perspective, not evolution which can be applied to any type of system
    > biological or otherwise, no quite specifically, darwin himself pointed out
    > the Bible's reference to the "principles of selection" in biological systems:
    > In Chapter 1 of Charles Darwins The Origin of Species, titled Variation
    > under Domestication under the heading Principles of Selection Anciently
    > Followed and Their Effects, Darwin makes the following reference: From
    > passages in Genesis, it is clear that the colour of domestic animals was at
    > that early period attended to.
    > He says principles of selection which describes perfectly Darwin's biological
    > focus, not principles of evolution.

            People of the Bible - like many people thousands of years ago
    - knew some things
    about plant & animal breeding. We have already discussed one
    explicit indication of
    this in Genesis. It is, however, a considerable overstatement to say
    that "selection
    that runs through the Bible."

            It has often been noted that in the _Origin_ Darwin never uses the word
    "evolution" or related words until the very last word of the book.
    But of course this
    doesn't mean that he isn't talking about "evolution" in the modern
    sense of the term


    George L. Murphy

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