Re: Evolution wars

From: Keith Miller (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 09:48:14 EST

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    > what is the general concensus here? do you all believe in evolution
    > and are
    > you trying to interpret the Bible from a Darwinian perspective (which
    > would
    > be the next logical step) or do you embrace creationism or something
    > else?
    > rich

    I don't have the time to respond in detail. However, the question
    above has a number of false assumptions and sets out the issue in
    conflict metaphor from the start.

    The proper questions to ask are: What is the best theological
    scholarship available regarding the hermenutics of the relevant
    biblical passages. How do we best interpret the scripture taken on its
    own authority? What do the Biblical passages actually say? How would
    they have been understood by the original hearers, in their particular
    linguistic, cultural and historical context? What was the message that
    God was intending to communicate through the authors?

    A second set of appropriate questions center on: What is the reality
    of the physical universe in which we dwell? What is the current state
    of the physical universe and what are the processes by which it
    operates? What is the history of this physical universe that can be
    reconstructed from the evidence accessible to our senses?

    There is nothing in the above that places the Bible and evolution (or
    any other scientific conception of the world) in necessary conflict.
    As God's image bearers I believe that God has given us the tools to
    understand his Creation, and thus to excercise proper stewardship over
    it. Science is an expression of this God given commission to rule
    Creation as His appointed representatives.


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